About the Database

This second edition of BioPlan Associates’ facilities directory of major biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in China covers China’s major biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, particularly those with the most bioprocessing capacity (total bioreactor volumes), and those under active construction. Facility information includes company ownership, background, management and facility capacity and history.

This Directory is based on in-depth research, using public secondary and primary information resources. This on-going project is intended to provide in-depth information and insights into the rapidly growing and changing Chinese biologics industry. The original directory, published in March, 2008, included some facilities that have grown rapidly, and some that no longer exist. The landscape in China biopharma has evolved over the past eight years, so much that this update has become urgently necessary.

As the Chinese industry continues to expand, both in technical capabilities and commercial presence, the information in this directory will, necessarily, become outdated. As such, we will have on-staff researchers to keep it up-to-date. However, our readers’ input will be invaluable in that regard. If you have comments or corrections, please forward them to us. The ranking of companies is based on information publicly available. Factors in ranking each facility include aspects such as liters’ capacity, number of employees related to biologics production, number of products in commercial or clinical production. Financial estimates in some cases are derived from data such as the number of employees, facility size, and available partnership resources.

Because the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry is in a growth phase, some of the organizations profiled are emerging as industry participants. These companies may be included because, based on their human resources, their internal expertise, or their financial capabilities, they have the potential to rapidly enter this market with their own biological products.